Rhonda said…
As the mother of four daughters, I am well experienced in the “girl” department. But planning (the first to marry) a wedding thrusts emotions through the roof and stress runs high. There are a lot of opinions to consider as well as the (future) son-in-law and his family! Fortunately, deciding on the right person to perform the marriage ceremony was a no-brainer! Understandably, right from the start, the officiant is a crucial piece to the ambiance of a ceremony. With Bob Fisher’s engaging personality, soft disposition, and refined demeanor, he performed the most beautiful interfaith wedding at the beautiful Sheraton Hacienda del Sol in Cabo San Lucas. A true Jewish Mexican wedding where mariachis appeared (beyond the line of sight) as the groom smashed the glass. With his specific questions prior to the wedding regarding wants and needs, the detailed oriented Bob Fisher blended traditions that were heartwarming for all. With the upmost care and consideration, I assure you he negates any awkward situation that confronts him. And with so many couples marrying with divorced parents, varying family dynamics, different religious faiths, backgrounds, etc. this very critical skill makes for a memorable loving ceremony. I look forward to having Bob Fisher’s presence 3 more times when the other girls marry!

May 6, 2017

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