America’s Diabetes Hour Episode 120

(L-R) Real-life superheroes Keta Meggett and Barb Sachs.


On July 15, 2016, as Barb Sachs crossed a busy street in Los Angeles, a car turned left and hit her. Barb was flipped onto the hood of the driver’s car, her head smashed against the windshield, then she dropped to the ground covered in shards of glass.

While others panicked (thinking that she was dead), a quick-thinking bystander sprang into action. Keta Meggett ran and got a hoodie to put underneath her head to shield from the burning hot pavement from the 115-degree heat. She applied ice packs, called 911 and picked glass out of Barb’s hair.

Barb had a traumatic brain injury, underwent two emergency brain surgeries and spent a total of 20 days at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She spent two weeks in a coma.

Keta and Barb reunited three months after the accident. Today, they are best friends. Keta calls Barb, “Momma”.

(L-R) Bob Fisher and co-host Francesca Gilbert


Francesca then interviewed her friend Larissa Gaccione. A second unbelievable story that had just happened — but this time here in Las Vegas. Larissa had noticed a woman standing ill outside of her car. She appeared to be drunk. Larissa tried to determine what was happening, and somehow asked if this woman was Diabetic. She nodded her head. Larissa immediately worked to secure a glass of juice, and waited for the paramedics to arrive. This woman’s blood sugar after drinking the glass of juice was only 39. What a powerful first half hour with two amazing true stories.

The second half began with the weekly segment, “Bob Fisher at the Movies”. Following his review of THE LOVERS, a friend by the name of Tammy Masters Yentis called-in from Des Moines, Iowa. Tammy comes from a family deeply touched by Diabetes. Her mother, father and younger brother all had died from Diabetes complications.Tammy brought positive wisdom, insight and inspiration to people who live their lives with Diabetes.

The program concluded with Francesca talking about her business, The Gilbert Team — Berkshire Hathaway Services Nevada Properties – 702 373 7221. This is a very exciting time for homeowners here in southern Nevada.


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