America’s Diabetes Hour Episode 121

(L-R): Marcus Lavergne, Chris
(Not pictured): Ned Spector of Happy Mondays, Detroit, Michigan).



Ned Specktor returns to ADH for another uplifting and inspirational “Happy Sunday” opening segment. How do you confront the denial that you have a disease? How do you embrace the depression, the routine and the fatigue of Diabetes? Ned can help to turn your life around. Love yourself. Live by the 90 second rule. Be grateful — both when you awake and before you fall asleep. Go to your favorite song. Develop your life tools.

Erik Lee Astramecki, CEO of the Intrinsic Technology Group is a charismatic millennial who can also turn your life around. Nutrition is critical. But, is nutrition enough in the battle we face every day in the world of Diabetes? Erik gives new meaning to the phrase — “Our body is a Temple!” As an MMA fighter, he is tough. At any age, go to the gym. And most important of all — “If a man made it, don’t eat it.” Only buy and only eat fresh foods. Always know what is going into the food you eat.

Chris Demarco, a frequent guest on Observations, announced that “enough was enough”. I finally have turned the corner and am announcing that I am having the Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Bob’s co-host this evening is Marcus Lavergne, who just graduated from the University of Nevada Reno. Marcus is a recipient of the Tony and Linda Bonnici Nevada Broadcasters Foundation Scholarship Program, and is a gifted millennial broadcaster.

Tonight in the “Bob Fisher at the Movies” segment at the bottom of the hour (6:35 PM), he reviews WONDER WOMAN. CinemaScore: A. $101.4 Million opening weekend boxoffice. And together, Bob and Marcus introduce the new film, MEGAN LEAVEY. Bob is the digital film critic at the NBC television affiliate in Las Vegas. His reviews are found in the features section at



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