America’s Diabetes Hour Episode 123

(L-R) Oakley Leavitt, Erick Leavitt, Savannah Frailey and Kendall Nether


After producing 122 consecutive shows, ADH presented an hour where the parents were in the control room and their children took over the studio. Each represented JDRF and each are T1D.

Oakley and Erick are JDRF Youth Ambassadors and will be lobbying our Nevada Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. later in the summer. Savannah and Kendall participate in an exciting JDRF program called Teen Talk.

With these four JDRF representatives in-studio, they represent three of the five Mission Statements of America’s Diabetes Hour:

— Diabetes Awareness
— Diabetes Management
— Public Advocacy

All four students shared many of their own personal experiences living with T1D. They also were very honest in sharing the concerns and fears their parents experience with T1D.

We even did a “mock” Children’s Congress, with Bob serving as a member of Congress and Oakley and Erick lobbying for increased research funding.

We also did a “mock” Teen Talk, led by Savannah and Kendall. It is a great opportunity for teens to discuss what ever is on their minds at the time.

Today’s content included:

— What is JDRF and what resources are provided?
— What is Children’s Congress, how are you selected, why are you going and what will you be doing?
— How is T1D different from Type 2?
— What is Teen Talk, when is it and where is it?
— Open to all teens and there is no cost to participate

This was a powerful show because of the honesty from these four outstanding students. By their personal sharing — T1D became very “REAL”.



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