America’s Diabetes Hour Episode 124


  • Tandy McGee, Adult T1D for 39 years
  • Sandy Pazen, Adult T1D for 51 years
  • Arlene Skinner, Adult T1D for 5 years

THEME: JDRF Part 2: 5 / 39 / 51

Episode # 124 was unlike any show we have produced over the past two and a half years. Never before had we devoted the entire hour to only discussing Adult T1D. This was one of our most informative and educational shows that we classify as a “Best Of Program”.

  • Among the educational topics covered:
  • Diagnosing T1D: How can you tell …..
  • Blood Sugar and Insulin
  • The Insulin Pump(s)
  • The disease with dire consequences
  • Diabetes fatigue
  • The “Hospital Atmosphere”
  • Our Personal Challenges
  • JDRF resources
  • Connecting the Community
  • Social Media resources
  • Life with their spouses

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