America’s Diabetes Hour Episode 125

(L-R) Rob Telles, Attorney; Luciana Parodi, Technology; Erik Astramecki, Technology; Mark Freeman, Attorney; Jennifer Freeman, Small Business Owner.

(Not Pictured) Deb Granda, Accountant; Sarah Brown, Consultant;, Kirk Holmes, Marketing; and Ted McAdam, Consultant.


The Fourth of July weekend provided an important opportunity for both radio shows to devote the entire hour to celebrating America’s birthday. The show began with the music of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and closed with the music of This Land is Your Land. The 5 in-studio guests were joined by 4 telephone guests. Each shared what it meant to be an American; what values we cherish as an American; where our favorite place to visit is; and shared a favorite Fourth of July memory.

Jennifer Freeman, who was visiting Las Vegas from Minneapolis — together with her husband Mark, addressed the negativity and division we presently have in our country. She said, “We need less flame and more wick”. It was a profound statement about kindness and responsibility. Today’s show was positive, uplifting and patriotic. Note the closing remarks of Ted McAdam.

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