• Ro Brooks, Consultant
  • Dr. Denise Tropea, Podiatrist
  • Paul V. Tomasic, MD, MS, FACP, FACE – Medical Director, Endocrinology and Primary Care

Sunday, August 13, 2017
Episode # 131

A powerhouse hour of information, beginning with Dr. Paul Tomasic who brought with him more than 30 years of experience to the Observations table.
He shared his excitement about the phenomenal changes now coming with our Diabetes medications. New products that will help to assist the cardiovascular challenges faced by people with Diabetes. Better quality medicine can produce better outcomes. This is truly a new era for cardiovascular trials.
One example of a new medication is Jardian.

Dr. Denise Tropea provided advice that people with Diabetes currently face with their personal challenges of persistent skin problems. People need to become self-motivated. As a podiatrist, she has been devoted to assist in the salvage of limbs. Diabetics need to be proactive. And this product can bring tremendous results. Lavior — the wonder of nature and the power of science.

She provided important information about a new product that has become available in Las Vegas. The product — Lavior, was developed in Israel. Lavior, is a groundbreaking natural treatment for diabetic ulcers and viral skin infections.

Ro Brooks represented another product, by the name of MMF — a Military Micro Nutrient Formula. Credited for improving the health of America’s soldiers, it is now available for everyone. It is a patent-protected, clinically validated product that today has a built a positive impact reputation.

Hopefully these supplements can be an effective part of the daily regiment in controlling our Diabetes.


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