America’s Diabetes Show Episode 136

Episode # 136
Sunday, September 17, 2017

(Pictured Above)

  • Jaime Goldsmith, Management, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino
  • Melissa Nichols, PTOT Director, Desert Springs Hospital
  • Diane Glunta, Intake Coordinator, Desert Springs Hospital
  • Bob Fisher
  • Kassi Lesberg, Physical Therapist, Desert Springs Hospital
  • Debra Armand, Rehabilitation Unit Director, Desert Springs Hospital
  • Andrea Davis, COO, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

Sponsored by Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center / Diabetes Treatment Center

Sponsored by The Gilbert Group
Francesca Gilberg 702 373 7221

Sponsored by the Senior Health Group
Leslie Caprow 702 503 0866

Sponsored by Bob Fisher Weddings
Bob Fisher 702 326 5808

In a rare in-studio panel, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center provided their COO together with five of her leaders on their rehab team. Among the topics covered:

* The Hospital
* Health and Wellness
* The Care We Give
* The Art of Nursing
* Certification
* Rehab Criteria
* Acute Rehab




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