In-Studio Guests:


  • Naomi Wilson, Neuro / Cardio Coordinator at Valley Hospital
  • Leslie Capro, Senior Health Group, our Medicare Guru – 702 503-0866
  • Chris DeMarco, “Good News” with Weight Loss and the Gastric Sleeve
  • Sharon Sanchez, Stroke Coordinator at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center and the Diabetes Treatment Center

(Not Pictured):

  • Becca Roberts and Kirk Holmes from Venture Catalysts, Facebook Live
  • Jenny Stiles, “Good News” with her Kidney Donor
  • Dr. Paul Harlan Janda, Neurologist and Attorney

Episode #138 was highlighted by valuable information about Medicare Open Enrollment; Stroke Awareness and Prevention; and “Good News” coming from two familiar guests.

We were honored to have Dr. Paul Harlan Janda as a guest. He is one of the most respected neurologists in the Las Vegas Valley. His educational background includes Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Touro University Los Angeles. He also completed a Law Degree from the Boyd School of Law at UNLV. His insight about Stroke Awareness and Prevention was reinforced by both Naomi Wilson and Sharon Sanchez. Risk factors were outlined, especially the connection between Diabetes and Stroke. Be concerned with stress, sleep, weight high blood pressure and hyper-tension. Be aware if the warning signs. It is so important to listen to your body. If you feel that you may be having a stroke, call 911. Go to the hospital in an ambulance.

Significant discussion revolved around the complexity and confusion over Medicare Open Enrollment. Between now and December, Leslie Caprow will be a guest on many of our upcoming shows to point out the importance of learning about the do’s and don’ts when picking the right Medicare plan for you. Leslie encouraged listeners to call her at 702 503 0866 with any questions.

During the first half tonight Jenny Stiles announced that she had found a live kidney donor. She is in the process of scheduling immune treatments in preparation for her surgery. Jenny also promoted the upcoming Las Vegas Kidney Walk on October 22, 2017.

Kirk and Becca were responsible for the exciting social media enhancement of the show also airing live on Facebook Live. Becca reported the analystic statistics throughout the program.

Today’s show is sponsored by:

Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center Diabetes Treatment Center
The Gilbert Group
The Veterans Wedding Project
Senior Health Group and Agent Leslie Caprow


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