Bob Fisher Blog Nov 1 2017

The iconic Las Vegas Sign sits on top of a beautiful wedding cake celebrating the marriage of my wonderful Great Britain destination wedding. What a wonderful way to begin a new week.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Nic Harris from Widnes, England

Two weddings this week at two different local mansion venues. This wedding arch is simple yet elegant.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Paulo and Jess Rivas. This is a close-up photo of what is just a tiny portion of the original paper-cut mural that adorned the entrance into their mansion venue.

Haunted by screening the new film, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. The treatment of America’s Veterans and the scandal of the VA hospitals remains both a disgrace and a puzzlement. Dedicated to Steve Cooper.

Sunday breakfast with a former Far West Region USY’er, Diana (Shorr) Sklar and her husband Craig. Diana and Craig live outside New York City. “I never had a friend like I had in USY!”

I love my podiatrist. Thank you Dr. Jodi Politz for your care and your friendship.


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