CAFE SOCIETY (2016) 4.0 (out of 5)

Woody Allen is not for everybody. But for those (like myself) who try to never miss going to see a new Woody Allen movie, CAFE SOCIETY is a wonderful, satisfying and bittersweet comedy romance set in the 1930’s world of Hollywood and the Bronx.

This December, Mr. Allen will turn 81. Over the span of some six decades, he has written and directed over 60 films. In 1977, his most successful film, ANNIE HALL, received four Oscars as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress (Diane Keaton) and Best Original Screenplay. Miss Keaton, who has appeared in eight of his films has said that “he has a mind like nobody else combined with a genius imagination” (Wikipedia).

CAFE SOCIETY, like so many of his films is funny, somber and philosophical.
Jesse Eisenberg (as Bobby Dorfman) is terrific as the protagonist in this glamorous and exciting world of high society nightclub life. Kristen Stewart (as the love of his life — Vonnie) and Steve Carell (as uncle Phil) are equally terrific in their roles. Woody Allen has a long history of obtaining award-winning performances from his supporting actors. Jeannie Berlin and Ken Stott (as Rose and Marty) bring a truthful authenticity as Bobby’s Jewish parents.

I absolutely loved all of the music and the nostalgia — the sets and the costumes.
CAFE SOCIETY is vintage Woody Allen. We sometimes wish for a happy ending –in our family relationships, in our love life and in our daily struggle to make a living. But, this is life and we have to live with our regrets. We have to let go of the “what could have been” memories. To sum up this film in six words: “Sometimes, no answer, is an answer!”

Rated PG-13. 96 minutes

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