Rating: PG Length: 90 minutes

For me, I am truly puzzled nor can I adequately explain why there was a third go-around of the Despicable Me movies franchise. Yes, they make a ton of money. Projected box office for this opening weekend is $85 million. Yes, even more money is going to be piled on from all of the tons of toys and memorabilia being sold.

  • I did not find ME 3 to be clever.
  • I did not find ME 3 to be funny.
  • But, I certainly found ME 3 to be boring.

The best test actually came at the end of the screening, when the credits began to roll. There were a ton of kids who attended the press screening. Tons. I waited anxiously for the cheers and the applause to come.

At best, the response from the kiddies was tepid. There was very little enthusiasm expressed as we all left the auditorium. Compared to the HOMECOMING screening, SPIDER-MAN felt like a rock concert.

Why such a low score? That rating was the result of an absolutely confusing plot. The story is just fragmented and scattered. The jokes were not funny. And both Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig were under developed and under used. What a waste of comic talent.

Regarding the Minions — don’t get me started.


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