DON’T BREATHE (2016) 4 Stars out of 5


“DON’T BREATHE is a non-stop adrenalin rush that is going to make a killing at the box office!”

A word of advice to anyone who just may be thinking about robbing a house . You might think twice about seeing DON’T BREATHE. Committing a home invasion on the silver screen has rarely been portrayed with such violence and brutality. I have to be honest. This ultra-thriller adrenalin rush — with jolting creepy twists and turns that you don’t see coming, is not my cup of tea. I can’t say that I enjoyed sitting and watching a blind recluse suddenly waking-up as his home is being invaded. Of course the robbery occurs in the very dark middle of the night. I probably had my eyes covered for a third of this movie. The decorated veteran who hardly speaks defends his territory and fights back with a vengeance. And the results are gruesome. But guess what — this psychological thriller directed by Fede Alvarez is well crafted, well written and well acted The audience loved it. In retrospect, it reminded me of riding a roller-coaster with the sensation of climbing and falling emotions, as my stomach met my throat. DON’T BREATHE is worth every one of its 4 stars.

As you continue to think about this movie 24 hours after watching it — you will come to the conclusion that everything that occurred was plausible, especially the ending. There are no loose ends to the story with a strong and well written screenplay by Mr. Alvarez and Rodo Sayaques. Every technical aspect of this film is excellent: Music by Roque Banos; Cinematography by Pedro Luque; Editing by Eric L. Beason, Louise Ford and Gardner Gould; as well as the Production Design, Art and Set Direction.

Stephen Lange, acting in his 63rd movie, gives a shattering performance as “The Blind Man”. It is Oscar worthy. Jane Levy (as Rocky) and Dylan Minette (as Alex) are equally strong.

This film is quite a mind twister. As the story develops you may keep on asking yourself the question, “Are you kidding me?” And for those of you who love this artistic genre, there are a lot of similar new films coming at you in the coming weeks.

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