Film Critics Award Nominations and Predictions for 2016

oscar-banner-720x340The 22nd Annual Critic’s Choice Awards nominations were announced yesterday morning by the 250-plus members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

Of the BFCA Best Picture nominations, six of the ten films have already opened in Las Vegas: ARRIVAL, HACKSAW RIDGE, HELL OR HIGH WATER, LOVING, MOONLIGHT AND SULLY. I strongly recommend all six of them. Each are so different from one another. And each are absolutely fine films.

The remaining four BFCA nominated Best Picture films yet to open in Las Vegas include:

Opens 12/9
Casey Affleck is a lock on a Best Actor Oscar nomination as is Lucas Hedges for Best Supporting Actor. Michelle Williams should receive a Best Supporting Actress nod. While I feel this film is also a lock on a Best Picture nomination, personally I was disappointed by its darkness. For me, something seemed to be missing. Full review to follow.

Opens 12/16
I loved this original musical and predict with confidence many Oscar nominations including Best Picture of the Year. Emma Stone is an aspiring actress and Ryan Gosling is a dedicated jazz musician. Full review to follow.

Opens 12/21
Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman could both receive Best Supporting Oscar nominations. There is strong buzz for this film. Full review to follow.

Directed by Denzel Washington and starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. All should be Oscar nominated. The supporting cast is flawless.
Opens Christmas Day. Full review to follow.

Other upcoming openings in Las Vegas:

Opens 12/9
One of my top films of the year with a shattering performance by Michael Shannon in a supporting role. Jake Gyllenhaal has never been better. Full review to follow.

Full review to follow.

Opens 1/6
An extraordinary film with a powerful message. One of my top films of the year.

Opens 1/13
This film should be a frontrunner for Best Picture and Best Actress (Taraji P. Henson). This is going to be the crowd pleaser film of the year. The audience applauded eight times during the film. One of my top three movies of the year. Full review to follow.

Opens 1/20
This film should be a frontrunner for Best Picture and Best Actress (Annette Bening). One of my top three movies of the year.

The Las Vegas Film Critics Society will not announce our nominations until the end of December, in order for us to screen several of the remaining high profile films not yet screened by any film critic (Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE and Gareth Edwards’ ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY).

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