FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (2016) 4 Stars (out of 5)

Florence_foster-jenkins-movie-posterBUYER BEWARE: Just when you think that they don’t make movies like this anymore, we have a new film released this week that is a lovely, well told true story featuring yet another outstanding performance from the greatest actress of our generation. Meryl Streep.

Florence Foster Jenkins first and foremost is a love story between Florence (Meryl Streep) and St. Clair Banfield (Hugh Grant). Banfield is a gigolo, a failed actor and lives off of Jenkins’ generosity and support. But — and there is a but, he is always there for her. That commitment more than anything, is the heart and soul of this film. These two aging actors are just wonderful together. Finally, a feel good movie for adults.

From Wikipedia: Jenkins, who died in 1944, “was an American socialite and amateur operatic soprano. She was known and ridiculed for her lack of rhythm, pitch, tone, her aberrant pronunciation and her generally poor singing ability.” That just about says it all.

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