FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

bob-fisher-blog-july-22-2016I am one of the few Las Vegas wedding officiants who regularly attend and participate in wedding rehearsals. This afternoon I joined with the future Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick and Kamika Conway of Las Vegas. This was my first ever ceremony that concluded with Jump the Broom. “JUMP THE BROOM BRINGS HONOR & RESPECT TO THOSE WHO HAVE COME BEFORE US. JUMP THE BROOM CONNECTS US WITH OUR ANCESTRIAL ROOTS AND THE BEAUTY OF OUR HERITAGE. IT REPRESENTS THE LEGITIMACY OF MARRIAGE & THE SYBOLISM OF OUR DIGNITY AND STRENGTH. THE BROOM SPRAY REMINDS US OF OUR HISTORY. THE HANDLE REMINDS US THAT IT IS GOD WHO GUIDES OUR LIVES AND HOLDS US TOGETHER.”

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