INFERNO (2016) 3.0 Stars out of 5

inferno-movie-posterINFERNO belongs to Tom Hanks.

He is almost always on the screen and is the centerpiece in every scene. Playing symbologist Robert Langdon, once again Hanks can show off his acting chops in what is actually a demanding role. Coming immediately after his role in SULLY (2016), he has a real chance of being nominated for an Oscar — probably as Captain Chesley Sullenberger.

In INFERNO — this time Hanks is tasked with saving the entire world. And what a way to do it, playing opposite lovely actress Felicity Jones (as Sienna Brooks). All of the supporting cast in this picture are really excellent. The movie is directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard and looks expensive, filming at some magnificent locations — from Venice, to Budapest and Istanbul. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, especially when seen on an IMAX screen. And don’t forget that there are a lot of loyal fans who love the series of films based on Dan Brown’s popular novels (THE DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS AND DEMONS). Throw in a musical score from Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer, you know that the tension will continue to build in a layered story that has expected twist and turns, leading to a satisfying ending.

So why only 3 Stars?

INFERNO is not a satisfying movie. It is a disappointing movie when you consider the cast and crew involved in the project. Coming in at about two hours, it feels much longer. The CGI visual effects at times seem heavy — especially the opening psychedelic episode. The screenplay is muddled and at times confusing. In retrospect, a lot of the characters were not flushed out enough to get us to care about them. Also in retrospect, you have to be willing to pay attention to details and to concentrate in order to follow the plot. Maybe my critical comments are what Dan Brown’s fans have loved about his books.

In full disclosure, in between seeing INFERNO and completing this review, I also screened Mel Gibson’s HACKSAW RIDGE, which opens next week. Every movie we have seen throughout the 2016 season including INFERNO, pales in comparison.


(11:30 PM immediately following News 3 at 11)

For 41 consecutive years, NBC and Lorne Green have produced SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Volumes have been written about the history, inner workings and comics who went on to become some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Thanks to this year’s Presidential Election, America seems to anticipate and look forward to the newest Clinton and Trump sketches each and every Saturday night. The highest ratings of the year actually came last week, due in part to Tom Hanks — who hosted the show for the ninth time. He was joined by musical guest Lady Gaga. Mr. Hanks was terrific. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his new movie, INFERNO.



How can a man who has such hatred in his heart — direct such a beautiful epic of love and war, courage and sacrifice. HACKSAW RIDGE is one of the finest films of this year and is destined to become a war classic. War is portrayed as war, with nothing left to the imagination. Thank you Mel Gibson — for this personal gift that comes from both your heart and your soul. It is a towering cinematic achievement and deserving of 10 Stars on a 5 Star scale. Full review coming next week.

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