KIDNAP (2017)

Score: D

Rated R, Runtime 82 Minutes

Academy Award winner Halle Berry delivers a strong performance. The film has its moments under the direction of Luis Prieto. Unfortunately the screenplay from writer Knate Gwaltney is sorely lacking. As one of the people who played a major role in bringing AMBER Alert to the state of Nevada, it truly pains me to give a D score to this film. Every 40 seconds in the United States of America a child is reported either as missing or abducted.

The subtext of this film is a mother will do anything to keep her child safe from harm. While you deeply feel the anger and frustration of the mother, the plot is farfetched and ridiculous. Even worse, the bad guys fit every stereotype you can imagine. And the dialogue is not much better.

The published release date for KIDNAP had been delayed five times since 2015 prior to this weekend. I think it will be audience who will feel having been abducted.


Among the three movies opening in Las Vegas next week, STEP is the one to see. This 83 minute documentary follows three graduating Seniors who attend the Baltimore’s Leadership School for Young Women. They are members of the school’s Step Dance Team.

Full reviews coming next week.


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