LA LA LAND Movie Review

LA LA LAND 5 Stars (out of 5)

LA LA LAND Movie Review

Rated PG-13 — 128 Minutes

LA LA LAND — the unique, refreshing and spirited musical just received 7 Golden Globe Award nominations, the most of any 2016 film. LA LA LAND posses a great original score, with one of the most beautiful and haunting songs, “City of Stars”. This film has great vision and is certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to movie musicals. I cannot remember the last where there was an original movie musical, this good.

There is this rhythm, this energy, this joyousness. At times it feels like an art movie. The moment in time when freeway traffic is stopped dead. Everyone then gets out of their cars and dances. Or, the moment when you are so in love that you fly through the clouds and up to the stars. Indeed, Los Angeles is the city of stars. The movie is shot at 21 different locations in and around Los Angeles..

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