LOGAN (2017) Score: A

Rated: R – 135 Minutes



LOGAN is the first 2017 motion picture that has earned an “A” rating. The film is so well written, directed and acted — that despite being released at the beginning of the year, hopefully the Oscar voters will not forget LOGAN come next December. Credit James Mangold for his superb direction. But, most of all, credit the exceptional career high performances from Hugh Jackman (as Logan); Patrick Stewart (as Charles, head of the X-men); and Stephen Merchant (as the Albino mutant Caliban). Young Dafne Keen (as Laura) should have a long acting career ahead of her. Pardon the pun — but she is a marvel.

LOGAN was filmed in New Mexico, Louisiana and California. Both the cinematography and editing contribute to the impact of this final chapter of the Wolverine movies, set in the year 2029.

It would be an understatement to say that LOGAN is extremely violent, brutal and bloody. This is a film where literally heads will roll — actually, lots of heads. This also marks only the second time a Marvel project has been rated with an R — the first being DEADPOOL (2016).

The Johnny Cash song, “Hurt” plays a critical role in the mutating human emotions that Wolverine seems to now struggle with. After three decades, he is suffering with pain and alone with nothing to love.

Listen to these lyrics:

“I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real”.

Who knew that the last film of warriors with special powers would be the best. Who knew that the superhero in the end, would be humanity itself. This film is not to be missed.

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