The end of an era. For nearly 20 years my backyard swimming pool was graced with a very HUGE umbrella which shielded the sun for 1/4 of the pool.

Due to an overnight wind storm, the umbrella, ballast and base were lifted into the pool, apparently sinking slowly. Despite the sand-base weight at over 100 pounds, the floor of the Pebble Tec pool was not damaged.

Within thirty minutes of my posting these photos on Facebook, I experienced not only the generosity of good neighbors, but shared in the majesty of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and the Morman Church. Mike Ballard, his good friend, and two athletes from Coronado High School (one being the son of Mike’s friend) were at my front door ringing the door bell. Within 90 minutes — the umbrella, the destroyed ballast and the base were all lifted out of the pool, carried to the front of the house driveway and then loaded onto Mike’s truck — en route to the Henderson dump.

Nobody left the yard until all of the wet sand was carefully swept up and placed in garbage bags to also be carried to the dump.

Service Before Self. Thank you Mike Ballard. An unforgettable moment in my life.

Legend Ranch is a very beautiful location for hosting weddings.

The rustic setting of Legend Ranch sets a beautiful reception table.

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