Observations Episode 045

Brian Burton, President and CEO of Three Square

Andrea Martinez, Program Manager at Three Square

Alexis Merz, Public Relations Specialist at Three Square

Jackie Burns from Salt Lake City, celebrating her 18th anniversary as a liver recipient

Anil Melnick, Small Business owner of B With a Twist Catering

Cara Clarke, Associate Vice President of Communications at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Paul J. Moradkhan, Vice President of Government Affairs at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce


A large and extraordinary panel was assembled for a powerful show
about the needs of our large community. We brought experienced leaders from the Metro Chamber of Commerce, Three Square, small business and personal critical health issues. The result was a passionate discussion on the following topics:

— The future of the Nevada Business Community through the strength,
advocacy and engagement of the Metro Chamber.

— Bringing the community together. What is the meaning of “All Ships Rise!”

— What are the challenges of being a small business owner.

— The significant achievements of the 2017 Legislative Session in Carson City. The true meaning of “collaboration”.

— The critical need today for organ donors.

— Hunger in Southern Nevada: The astonishing statistics.
The misconceptions. The progress we have made.


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