• Francesca Gilbert, The Gilbert Team
  • Darwin Boseman, Co-Founder of Trauma Recovery Yoga
  • Becca Roberts, Venture Catalysts
  • Joyce Bosen, Co-Founder of Trauma Recovery Yoga
  • Natalie Lim, Yoga Haven
  • Bob Fisher, Producer and Host of Vegas Observations
  • Honey Tejero, Yoga Haven
  • Jacky Pagone, Yoga For Life

Vegas Observations
Sunday, September 3, 2017
12 Noon – 1:00 PM
Episode # 49

Sponsored by:
The Gilbert Group,
Senior Health Group
The Diabetes Treatment Center at Desert Springs
Hospital Medical Center

September is National Yoga Month and a very exciting panel was put together by Becca Roberts through Venture Catalysts. Three different business were represented. All have established a wonderful supportive relationship with each other. And interestingly enough, each is also a not-for-profit business.

Among the program highlights:

THEME: Bringing Yoga and Meditation to those who have experienced Trauma or live in crises.

1. This is who we are and what we are doing within the community.
2. Creating awareness of the special role yoga currently plays within our schools.
3. Bringing awareness that yoga is so much more than “fitness”.
4. There is strong collaboration within the community.

Francesca Gilbert about the current state of the real estate market here in Las Vegas. The statistics she offered were as recent as this morning! By having a large in-studio panel, Francesca was peppered with a variety of questions.

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