Francesca Gilbert, Vegas Real Estate OBSERVATIONS

Dr. Michael Williams, Director of the Transcendental Meditation Program

Angie Wagner, Nursing Supervisor, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

Chris Bateman, LCSW, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry, Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

The 50th episode of Vegas OBSERVATIONS was yet another landmark panel discussion allowing our listeners to hear about two new subjects for the first time: Geropsych — the unique psychiatric approach to working with Seniors; and finding inner peace through Transcendental Meditation.

For many of us at this time in American history, we do not recognize our country. So divided and filled with such hate. Today’s discussion centers on the challenges of stress and depression. Among the topics discussed is the question of what happens to the poor and the homeless.

The hour concludes with a powerful segment with Francesca Gilbert of The Gilbert Group. Vegas Real Estate Observations has become an important feature on both this show and America’s Diabetes Hour.

Sponsored by Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center / Diabetes Treatment Center

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