Rated: PG-13 Length: 123 Minutes

In a year that has started off pretty well for both the reboots and the sequels — I am sorry to report that SABAN’S POWER RANGERS is a great disappointment. One would think that the plot would be simple enough to have written a tight, well directed screenplay. Five teenagers stumble upon five mysterious coins which grant each one of them with superpowers. Deep underground they discover a spaceship; a talking giant face in the wall (named Zordon — played by Bryan Cranston); and a robot (named Alpha 5 — played by Bill Hader). As they realize their superpower, out comes the colorful suits. Enter the villain Ritz Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks).

A simple and tight story ? That is not the case. Even shortening the overlong two hour movie down to a tolerable 90 minutes would not have helped. Maybe the original fans of the TV series will come out to the theater for nostalgic reasons. They may not be satisfied. Mothers will be shaking their heads at the opening scene. Was it really necessary to begin with an animal masturbation scene? And for the younger kids in the audience, I imagine the puzzled look on each of their faces will result in mommy leaning over and whisper — “I will explain later”.

I am always uncomfortable giving a negative film review. There are so many people who are involved in this project. So many who invested money and time. No one intentionally goes out and makes a bad movie. In fairness, it does have its moments. And the large crowd did break into applause when the credits began to roll.


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