America's Diabetes Hour

One of the great joys of retirement is being able to merge my role as a member of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society, serving as the digital film critic for, being a proud member of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and producing America’s Diabetes Hour. For the first time, I was able to bring everything together! Jeffrey K. Howard, my longtime friend who brought me into the LVFCS, and Francesca Gilbert, a wonderful friend from Rotary — were guests on tonight’s America’s Diabetes Hour. The theme: Hollywood and the Movies.

Amazing to have one guest coming to talk about the Rotary SOAR Awards Ceremony and the other guest coming to talk about Hollywood and the Movies. Then discover that Francesca has Diabetes in her family and she is Pre-Diabetic. Shifts the discussion to a very personal level.

Then discover on air — that Jeffrey was adopted and has absolutely no records of either his biological father or mother. First time that situation has been raised in our 78 shows. Here is Jeffrey about to turn 50 years of age, is obese and has an addiction to sweets. He asked a lot of questions, which was extremely valuable to our listeners. He has promised to have an A1c test.

You can be sure that both Francesca and Jeffrey will be back on the show.

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