swiss-army-man-movie-posterSWISS ARMY MAN (2016) 2 Stars

This art film definitely has it’s dramtic poetic moments. There is fine acting from the two stars who give us extraordinary performances. However, in the end unfortunately — the bottom line for me is SWISS ARMY MAN will disappoint most mainstream moviegoers. For this critic, I really disliked how the story ends. I thought the film fell apart. And in the end, I guess I really disliked this movie.

Yes, an art film can explore and experiment and go places where few writers and directors dare to go. This film provides its share of wonderment and awe. But, SWISS ARMY MAN shocks to the point of being disgusting and gross.

Paul Dano (as Hank) is brilliant. We feel his pain, his anguish and his loneliness. We understand from the beginning the allegory of Swiss Army “KNIFE”. We come to understand another allegory, of the gassy corpse who washes up on the beach of a nameless island. It is not your everyday corpse. This one farts all the time and has a perpetual hard-on. Yes, the kind of hard-on that requires an R rating. He also talks and sings. Whether dead or alive, Daniel Radcliffe could receive an Oscar nomination for this unforgettable performance.

Each moviegoer will have to find their own meaning of SWISS ARMY MAN. Perhaps the bottom line allegory is the reality of our own doubts and questions. Our own loneliness. The pain we sometimes face in our lives. On the outside we are alive, but deep inside, we are dead.

The film is written and directed by “The Two Daniels” — Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Exceptional music by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell; Cinematography by Larkin Seiple and Film Editing by Matthew Hannam.

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