The Diabetes Show Ep 005

twc_janfeb2014_darrah_1Aired: Sunday, March 22, 2015

Topic: Heart Disease and Diabetes: Thoughtful Guidance Early Heart Attack Care

Guest: Carol Duggan, RN BSN, Director of the Intermediate Care Unit at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center and their Cardiovascular Coordinator.

From the Diabetes Treatment Center Desert Springs Hospital:


“65% of those who have Diabetes will either die of a heart attack or of a stroke.”

“Damage from of long term out of control Diabetes is irreversible. But, a change of life style will stop the progression circling the drain.”

“The key is, DON’T WAIT!”

“Heart attack symptoms are generally different between a man and a woman.”

“We are finding more 35 year old cardiac patients — due in part to fast food meals and sedentary life styles.”

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