The Diabetes Show Ep 007

20150510_080218_resizedAired: Sunday, April 5, 2015

Topic: My Personal Journey

Guest: Bob Fisher, Producer and Host of the Nevada Diabetes Show.


“When my Mother was a teenager, at 49 years of age, my Grandfather died of complications from Diabetes. As a family — we never, discussed Diabetes. Ever!”

“I was thirsty all the time.”

“I am going to beat it!”

“I refused to go on insulin (my personal failure.)”

“More than I didn’t do that I should have done.”

“Stage 3 Kidney Disease”

“December 18, 2014.”

“He gave his boarding pass, took a step and dropped dead on the floor at McCarran Airport. Bobby’s Father died at 49, just like my Grandfather.”

“You never go into a doctor’s office without your list. You never go into a doctor’s office without taking off your shoes and socks.”

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