The Diabetes Show Ep 012

20150510_190156_resized_1Aired: Sunday, May 10, 2015

Topic: Dedicated to our Mothers on Mother’s Day

Guest: Chris Moore, Co-Founder of the Adult Diabetes Education and Management Support Group (ADEMS) and Co-Host of the DiabetesPowerShow podcasts.


“The best Mother’s Day gift you can give is to ask your mother to schedule a check-up and to be tested for Diabetes.”

“My mother lost a battle that she didn’t know she had.”

“Ma, why aren’t you happy for me ? I gave you Diabetes.”

“Today is your day to see another Mother’s Day next year.”

“The Diabetes Community is different today. The common thread are the people all working together to prevent all those bad complications. We have a ‘Can Do’ attitude!”

“Diabetes is a world-wide Pandemic. We have to stop Diabetes today.”

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