The Diabetes Show Ep 014

20150728_095956_resizedYesterday on air, host Bob Fisher read an email that he had received from a local surgical oncologist. She wrote:

“When you think there’s something wrong with your body and you are being told ‘it’s fine’, seek a second opinion from an expert. There’s no shame in having a second person tell you it’s nothing if that’s all it is. Sometimes it’s really something. And sometimes, it can mean your life. It can mean not having to hear someone like me, say — ‘Stage IV’.”

The quote of the day came from yesterday’s caller by the name of Barb: “Money can be made again. Your life cannot be made again. My job was more important than my health” In and out of the hospital and two convalescence homes for over five months – she first returned to her home the day before yesterday. Her tragic story all began with her ignoring her Diabetes, not paying attention to her blood sugar levels and unable to feel her large infected foot due to her serious neuropathy.


Yesterday, we indicated that THE NEVADA DIABETES SHOW may be one of the few (or only) live Diabetes programs aired on a commercial radio station in the United States. We announced that each and every program aired is archived by topic and available on We also promoted the new KDWN App, which is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores on smartphones / tablets.

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