Vegas Observations Episode 018

Episode 18 Guests:

We will continue last week’s discussion of the incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price who has declared “I am going to destroy Medicare and Medicaid” and House Speaker Paul Ryan who intends to “dismantle” Obamacare as we know it today.

Dr. Jodi Politz, a local Las Vegas Podiatrist who is not afraid to express her feelings about Medicare and Medicaid.

Representing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore — Shelli and Reed Gilketsis. Reed, with Type 1 Diabetes, is a former Youth Ambassador and Children’s Congress delegate representing Nevada in Washington, D.C.

Doris Wallace, a retiree activist with the SEIU, Services Employees International Union representing 1.5 million public service workers, nurses, hospital staff, nursing home care providers, building services and security guards in North America.


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