Guests from left to right: Max Delbec, Bill Johnson, Tim Mullen and Karen Wisenhunt.

Not pictured: Steve Cooper

22 weeks ago we heard the story of Steve Cooper, who was the whistle-blower of the Phoenix VA hospital scandal. It has been a tough five years, as he has struggled to survive with stage 4 prostate cancer. This past week his landmark civil suit against the Veterans’ Administration came to an end as the court ruled in favor of Steve and awarded him over 2 million dollars. On this week’s Observations, Steve called in to share his outcome and express his appreciation for the support and coverage of the story by this Host and KDWN.

Continuing the topic of Service Before Self, our in-studio guests discuss the USO with Director Tim Mullen and USO Volunteer Bill Johnson. More than 45,000  Veterans pass through the two USO lounges at McCarran International Airport in 2016.

Karen Wisenhunt former President of the Las Vegas Rotary Club, spoke of the extraordinary work that is being done here in Las Vegas, throughout the United States and the World by Rotarians.

As part of the weekly segment of “Bob Fisher at the Movies”, Max read Bob’s review of Kong: Skull Island. The review is found at and



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