OBSERVATIONS producer and host Bob Fisher was honored to have Tom “Wags” Wagner as his very special Mother’s Day guest. Tom — who called into the studio from Washington, D.C., is a longtime colleague and friend of Bob, and together they helped to develop and write the original Nevada AMBER Alert Plan. Tom, who retired after 25 years in law enforcement for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, was in Washington, D.C. on the “Team Vegas Police Unity Tour”, honoring the memory of our fallen law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The Nevada team rode almost 400 miles on their bikes and joined with thousands of officers from all around the country.

Bob also received a call from Nicole Romans Hall who currently lives in Roseville, California. Her late husband was one of five policemen who were all murdered a number of years ago in Oakland, California.
Tom also honored his wife Tammy on this Mother’s Day and sons — Jake, who is a professional musician; and Tyler, who is a professional baseball pitcher.

In studio guests Jodi Harris and her husband Pat Harris — continued the theme of Mother’s Day. Jodi is the co-owner CEO of the award-winning Las Vegas business — SIGHT & SOUND EVENTS. Her husband is the other co-owner who defines his role as the “man behind the curtain”. What makes this business unique and special is the emphasis on giving back to the community. This is done by providing education, training and philanthropy to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Marine Corps and the Animal Rescue League.


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