Vegas Observations Episode 036

(L-R) Bill Stieren, CPA; Kelli Little, NDN Community Services Supervisor; Crystal Hill, Donor Mom; and Becky Mintz, Organ Recipient. (Not pictured: Lynn Marofsky Chernin, Tampa, Florida).


POLITICS OVER POLICY: This week the United States may have withdrawn from the Paris Accord, but 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada remains significant land dedicated to making our planet safe again. Bob and his special guest Bill Stieren, discuss the depth research now taking place at the historic Nevada Test Site. The renamed NEVADA NATIONAL SECURITY SITE (NNSS) says it all. The Nevada Test Site: The Past. NNSS: The Future.

THE GIFT OF LIFE: OBSERVATION celebrates the extraordinary work of the Nevada Donor Network.

Lynn spoke of her experience of being a newlywed and her husband was about to donate a kidney to save the life of his father.

Kelli spoke of the need to be aware of organ donations. And she highlighted the scope of what the Nevada Donor Network achieves and accomplishes.

Crystal spoke of the death of her young son. He told his Mom on the day he received his drivers license, that he wanted to be an organ
donor. A few years later he was killed in an automobile accident.

Becky received a heart almost two decades ago. She told our listening audience that if you say yes to receiving an organ — than you should say yes to donating an organ. Profound words ineed.

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