Vegas Observations Episode 038

(L-R) Bob Fisher, B. Taylor, Tiffany Thompson, Jericho Michela, Stan Olsen, Josh Abbey, Deidre Thompson, Jocelyn Wallace, Jordan Toure and Torrey Russell.


The largest collection of in-studio guests in the 23 year history of OBSERVATIONS. It was also the most eclectic group panel ever.

The theme of the show was “CHANGE THE HATE: CAN YOU FEEL A BRAND NEW DAY”. We began talking about the shooting of Republican legislators who were practicing for a charity baseball game in Washington, D.C. As a Las Vegas community, we are troubled by the political polarization that we find all across America. Later in the week hundreds of protestors marched in the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota — as a cop who killed a young Black man was found “not guilty” by a jury.

B.Taylor, who is an international Grammy nominated hip-hop artist is also a community activist who has spoken to thousands of young students across the country. He is the “Musical Ambassador for the United States Pentagon.

Stan Olsen offered his perspective of working for 36 years in law enforcement for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Josh Abbey, is the director of the Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival.
The power of films such as “Schindler’s List” has become a teaching tool for understanding the Holocaust. “Never Again!”

These three men set the stage for featuring members of Broadway in the Hood, including the founder and artistic director, Torrey Russell. The group included 11 year old Jordan Toure. A member of BITH for 3 years, he made his Broadway debut in September, 2016 playing Young Simba in The Lion King.

Jocelyn Wallace helped to coordinate this program and is the Marketing Director for BITH. Tiffany Thompson has been involved for five years as a dancer. She serves as the BITH Secretary. Deidre Thompson has also been involved for five years, both as a performer and as a director. She serves as Treasurer.

Jericho Michela has been involved since day one. He was involved in sports and had never set foot on stage until BITH.

FROM BROADWAY WITH LOVE, is the title of the benefit concert for Broadway in the Hood. It will be held on July 8, 2017, 3 PM at The Smith Center. For information and to purchase tickets, call 702.749.2000.

The anchor for the discussion — Torrey Russell, has spent more thatn 20 years in theater. He has worked closely with Dr. Maya Angelou; as well as stars as diverse as Gladys Knight, Cicely Tyson, Tyler Perry, Patti Labelle and Oprah Winfrey.

At the close of the hour, we had a better idea of the word “HOOD” – Helping Others Open Doors! With vision, support and hard work, there can be a brand new day.


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