Vegas Observations Episode 039


  • Jarrad Katz, Senior Vice-President and Principal at the MDL Group
  • Gregg Townsend, representing the Rotary SOAR Awards
  • Samra, age 23 and Kerim, age 26. Visiting Las Vegas from Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Hayim Mizrachi, President and Principal at the MDL Group
  • Ruth Furan, Principal at image words

THEME: “He Ain’t Heavy Father, He’s My Brother” — Father Flanigan, Boys Town

What is the meaning of the theme written by Edward J. Flanigan, a Priest who founded Boys Town in 1917. And, why should we care about our non-profit community?

With representation from the profit MDL Group and image words, we explore the Las Vegas intersection between business and fundraising within our community. And like so many previous shows this year, the Rotary mantra of “Service Before Self” is front and center of the panel discussion.

What makes this discussion from all the rest in Episode #39, is the perspective shared by in-studio guests Samra and Kerim, who are visiting Las Vegas from their home in Sarajevo, Bosnia. After all, it is “The Public’s Right to Know!”

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