Vegas Observations Episode 041

Nevada 4th District Congressman Ruben Kihuen

Not pictured: Erik Astramecki, Luci Parodi, Kirk Holmes and Becca Roberts



We were honored to spend the first half hour of OBSERVATIONS with special in-studio guest — Nevada’s 4th District United States Congressman Ruben Kihuen. As a Mexican American, he responded to the “elephant in the room” immigration question and building a border wall. Among the highlights:

  • Sharing his family background and emigrating to the United States
  • His decade serving in the Nevada State Legislature — as an
    Assemblyman and as a Senator
  • The diversity and size of Nevada’s Fourth District
  • Economic growth and employment
  • Homeland Security
  • Health Care and Yucca Mountain

During the second half hour of OBSERVATIONS, 3 “Millennials” discussed with Bob Fisher their surprising reactions and responses to Congressman Kihuen.

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