A most significant, remarkable day. In the morning, a meeting with hip-hop artist B. Taylor and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This is our second meeting with METRO. The first was with Sheriff Joe Lombardo. B is seeking their support and involvement in his NEVADA ADMIRALS YOUTH FOOTBALL AND MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. The teams will represent our U.S. Military, Veterans and First Responders. What was supposed to be a one hour meeting, turned into two hours — as we discussed a program that will involve at-risk student athletes between the ages of 11-14. The goal is: “To run a program with military core values, giving our youth discipline, integrity and great work ethics. To become productive citizens.” The program is endorsed by the Pentagon and the students will wear the U.S. Naval Academy colors.

In the afternoon I attended a meeting of the IMPROVING DIABETES AND OBESITY OUTCOMES COUNCIL. The meeting was held at the HealthInsight Community Room, and was chaired by Dr. Jerry Reeves, MD.

Later in the afternoon I held a first planning meeting with one of my future brides and grooms. In the evening I attended the screening of WAR DOGS which will be reviewed next week.

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