WILSON (2017) Movie Review

WILSON (2017) Score: D

Rated: R Length: 194 Minutes

By the end of this disappointing film, I was confused and puzzled as to what the intention of this story was. Even for an art film, there were a lot of holes. One might even argue that the dots don’t lead to any conclusion. Is Wilson a first name or a second name? Does it matter? He doesn’t particularly care for other people. So you might ask, why should we?

In doing my research, “Wilson” was a graphic novel written by Daniel Clowes. The book brought out so many different emotions, from happy to sad, loneliness and longing. The film is directed by Craig Johnson. The screenplay is from Mr. Clowes.

I considered awarding my first ever “F” rating, but Woody Harrelson has become such a fine actor, and he plays Wilson to a “T”. Laura Dern, Cheryl Hines, Judy Greer, Isabella Amara, Mary Lynn Rajskub and the marvelous Margo Martindale all do the best that they can do with the material they have been given.

I had a difficult time with MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. I left the theater feeling so down and depressed. I had an even more difficult time with WILSON. And for the first time that I can remember, I didn’t even like the music.


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